Intellectual Pursuits
During my career as a student, I spent a lot of time studying and reading about people's perceptions of the Divine. What is religion? Who is God? Why do we care so much? There are very few people I've met who don't have some sort of passionate involvement with religion or spirituality. This fascinates me, and strikes me as a necessary condition of humanity. I also like to read about, discuss and write about politics, the human condition and politics and all sorts of related topics. Below are my various collected thoughts and sources of inspiration and information.
Politics & Radicalization

Tarot Explorations

Fall 2001 Academic Papers
(from HACU 227 Philosophy of Religion w/ Mario D'Amato at Hampshire College)

Division III
A Division III, is an honors-thesis type paper at Hampshire College.

Division II

Other Rants & Rambles